Coffee and Tea 2Go

Portable brewing tumblers

These portable tumblers use new and existing shapes of glasses from Libbey's line. The glasses are complemented by sleeves and lids that allow a high customization without loosing glass as the main element of the product.

client: Libbey Inc.

brief: Create new coffee drinking concepts combining other materials to improve on-the-go experience.

Date: September 2020
Time Duration: 2 months
Skills used: Research, sketching, 3D modelling, rendering


Looking to preserve the use of glass in new Libbey products but recognizing the need to adjust to our lives on-the-go, these tumblers were designed with a trendy and unique user in mind. One who does not seek to hide their drink, but to use it as accessory for their lifestyle.

Design concept and images property of Libbey Inc.

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