Cold Brew Set

Coffee Carafe and Bottle

The Cold Brew Carafe, specially designed for your fridge, produces a full litre of coffee and keep it’s taste and freshness for almost two weeks. After an overnight brew, pour in a glass and sip at home or fill this desk-side bottle to the office.

client: Libbey Inc.

brief: Follow new trends and highlight the experience of drinking coffee in a stylish way.

Date: November 2019
Time Duration: 2 months
Skills used: Research, sketching, 3D modelling, 3D printing, rendering


With the boom of new coffee drinking techniques and appliances, the market has shifted apart from ordinary mugs with slight design and color differences. The call for products to enrich their experiences preparing and drinking coffee while connecting with their lifestyles has turned into a great opportunity.


As different brewing methods are increasing in popularity, Cold Brew is among the most popular, whose global market is expected to reach 110 million US$ by 2024.
Contrary to iced coffee, which is generally brewed hot and poured over ice, Cold Brew is put in the fridge to brew overnight, generally from 12-24 hours. The result is lower in acidity and slightly sweeter coffee.

The Assembly

After filling with desired amount of ground coffee, the filter is attached to the rubber fitting with a slight pressure. Once the brew is done, the filter is taken off the lid and the carafe can be stored back on the fridge without it.


The Home Cold Brew Set allows you to prepare up to 1.2 L of Coffee, perfect for a couple glasses paired up with ice, milk or both. The carafe fits inside most fridges and lacks a handle to maximize space. Instead, the sleevev provides a better grip and steady pour.

The bottle was designed as a deskside piece for the office. The short sleeve prevents condensations drops from falling on the table and avoid slipping, and the wooden lid tops the design with a stylish touch.

Design concept and images property of Libbey Inc.

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