Muri // Terraria

Mold-blowing design project

The Open Terrarium set is designed for those without time for gardening or lacking an outdoor space for it. As the Greenery trend continues to be an important feature at home, plants are showcased as a decorative element but also praised for their health benefits.

client: Libbey Inc.

brief: Design a home product for the glass blowing shops in Libbey, which were becoming unused, with a challenging but feasible project.

Date: June 2018
Time Duration: 4 months
Skills used: Research, sketching, 3D modelling,
model making, 3D printing, rendering


Home decor is taking on a more hi-end, inspirational approach, while hand-crafted products are a rising star on the market. Terraria presents a great opportunity, offering a wide array of shapes and sizes.

Studies show that caring for a living plant provides many
known health benefits, but also encourages consumers to slow down and take a break from their daily lives. Emerging trends have shown consumer’s desire to bring wellness into their daily routines, inspiring interior design and self-care products. DIY terrariums and gardening can help reduce stress, anxiety and boost creativity. This is particularly valuable for urban Millennials, who are in need of natural elements that allow them to feel grounded.

Air flow

Muri works as semi open terraria, which retain water for longer and have a
small opening to allow enough air to flow.

The set comes in three sizes, each looking beautiful together or independently.

Design concept and photos property of Libbey Inc.

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